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New feature for 19/20

Get totally new insights into your skiing

Carv gives you the tools of an Olympic-level instructor with 35 real-time metrics recorded every turn. Build your detailed personal skiing profile and uncover the most important skill to focus on next.


New feature for 19/20

Recommendation engine

Carv takes your personal ski data and matches you with a range of tailored drills and tips to help you improve.

Break through your plateaus by targeting the one skill that's holding you back this year.


Device + App Feature

Introducing your personal coaches

Forget trying to learn from Youtube, Carv's drills give you in-ear feedback as you ski, so you know when you're learning the right technique.

Want to work on your outside ski pressure? Learn from Eric Lipton, demo team skier for the Professional Ski Instructors of America and 2x Olympian Kaylin Richardson.


New feature for 19/20

Challenge your friends

Are your turns symmetrical? Have you ever wondered who can turn with more edge angle?

Ski to the metronome for as long as possible, turn with the best ski similarity you can, or just go all out for the highest edge angle.
Let’s see who’s king or queen of the hill!


Device + App Feature


Carv Android will go live on the Google Play store on December 20th, bringing real-time ski coaching to Android users across the world this winter.

Track your skiing progress, get tailored drills to help you improve and challenge your friends this season on your Android phone!

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Carv (2x inserts, 2x trackers)

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