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How do you transmit data?

Carv sends data to your phone in realtime so you always need your phone with you. As you ski the data is processed and you are given feedback in re...

What does Carv measure?

Carv measures over 70 metrics on every turn which broadly fit into four distinct categories: balance, edging, rotary and pressure

Is Carv compatible with my phone?

Carv supports iPhone 5s (Sep 2013) onwards. Carv is working hard to release a great Android version late 2018.

When will Carv be available on Android?

Carv is working hard to release a great Android version late 2018.

Do you support Windows Mobile?

Carv does not currently support Windows mobile at the moment. However, as demand has risen for this, we do intend to release an app in the future, ...

How do I charge Carv?

All you have to do is clip the charging cable into the top of the trackers and plug the USB into your computer or a charging outlet to quickly char...

How long does it take to fully charge?

Charging your Carv will take approximately 2 hours.

Is Carv compatible with my iOS?

Carv is compatible with iOS 10 and iOS 11 operating systems. We will release the iOS app right when the product ships. 

Will Carv work with my boot warmers?

Yes, We’ve even considered the impact of boot warmers. Our sensors will not be affected under a constant temperature as high as 70°C (158°F) and ca...

How far from the sensors can I keep the phone?

We expect you to ski with Carv in your pocket. This will ensure maximum connectivity, functionality and results. Maximum distance is 25 meters but ...

So how does this device deal with front boot cuff/shin pressures ?

Our sensors measure the pressure distribution across the bottom of the foot. We do not measure shin/cuff pressures yet since we wanted to keep Carv...

Will Carv fit into my ski boots?

Carv fits into any boot - just like a boot warmer.